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High output power, when using with CY11, it can reach 2000 meters in open  area.  

Transmitting Power > 0.5W.  

Operating Voltage: DC5V 

Operating Current: About 120mA  

Operating Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz (custom frequency is available)  

Modulation: ASK/OOK  

Using SAW frequency stabilization (+-75Khz), working frequency is stable.  

There is no current consumption when there is no data transmitting. The current  consumption with low emission is 120mA. 

Shape Size: 30×20×6.5mm  

Operating Temperature: -20℃~+70℃ 

Input Signal: TTL level 


RKE – remote keyless entry  

Gate/Access Control 

Wireless alarm  

Remote Shutter/Curtain  

Home automation system  

Security and alarm systems 

Wireless Industry Control



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